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The Faculty of Agriculture, Sohag University aims to contribute to solving the problems that facing the improvement of agriculture production through the following objectives: • Graduating the qualified cadres in the field of agriculture production to work in the various agriculture sectors. • Carrying out applied scientific research in the fields of plant production, which aims to study the problems which encountered in improving and increasing production and providing appropriate solutions to them. • Contributing to the development of agricultural awareness of farmers and those in the field of agriculture and the publishing of modern information in the field of agricultural production.


(The Faculty of Agriculture - Sohag University is committed to preparing graduates who are able to compete locally in the fields of agricultural science, who are familiar with the scientific, knowledge and skills bases in accordance with national academic standards for the agricultural sciences sector, and who are able to provide distinguished programs, activities and services in education, scientific research, community service and environmental development).


(The Faculty of Agriculture – Sohag University seeks to become one of the distinguished and approved academic institutions at the regional level in the fields of agricultural sciences, educationally, research and societal, to face current and future challenges through continuous development and sustainable development in light of the standards of the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation)

Dean’s Word


In the Name of Allah the Merciful

Praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, I praise you, Lord, praise the thankful, and we pray and salute the Master of all creation, In the name of God we started and on his guidance we walk, we don’t mean anything but truth, justice, equality and consolidating the foundations and principles of democracy and collective action at this stage in the history of our country.  …….read more


العنوان البريدي. سوهاج- جامعة سوهاج-  

 الموقع تصميم وتطوير فريق البوابة الألكترونية 
م /طه احمد الهلالي

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