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Postgraduate Studies and Research Sector

Prof/ Maher Hassan Hosney Abd El-Mageed

Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research

Summary about Postgraduates studies and research Sector

The administrative structure of the sector

The vision:

The faculty of agriculture, Sohag University is a pioneer in the field of higher agricultural education and to achieve the highest intellectual levels for its graduates and develop their personal capabilities in a competitive environment

College’s Mission

The college mission is as follows:

1- Graduating of a student with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural sciences.

2- Creating an effective leadership role in the knowledge society in the field of graduate studies.

3- Familiarity with the student with scientific and cognitive foundations and technical skills in accordance with the reference standards that recognized in this field according to needs of labor market

4- Mobilizing the research energies in various fields of agricultural sciences that serve the surrounding environment in particular and society in general

5- Creating a spirit of creativity and innovation among researchers to conduct research of a distinguished level.

6- Fastening the research of the college with the outside community by by providing scientific and technical advice that contributes to the development of the environment and society.

2- The Strategic Objectives of the College

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