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Objectives and Goals of the College

College Objectives

The Faculty of Agriculture, Sohag University aims to contribute to solving the problems that facing the improvement of agriculture production through the following objectives:

Graduating the qualified cadres in the field of agriculture production to work in the various agriculture sectors.

Carrying out applied scientific research in the fields of plant production, which aims to study the problems which encountered in improving and increasing production and providing appropriate solutions to them.

Contributing to the development of agricultural awareness of farmers and those in the field of agriculture and the publishing of modern information in the field of agricultural production.

Strategic Goals

1- Preparing a graduate capable of competing in the labor market.

2- Contributing the sustainable development in society, developing the environment and increasing self-resources.

3- Developing the system of graduate studies and scientific research.

4- Developing the skills and capabilities of faculty members and their assistants.

5- Supporting the institutional capacity, developing the administrative structure, and developing the administrative and human capacities of the administrative body.



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