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Dean’s Word

In the Name of Allah the Merciful

Praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, I praise you, Lord, praise the thankful, and we pray and salute the Master of all creation, In the name of God we started and on his guidance we walk, we don’t mean anything but truth, justice, equality and consolidating the foundations and principles of democracy and collective action at this stage in the history of our country. We build and complete on what our distinguished colleagues from the form the former deans have achieved, looking forward to making the faculty of Agriculture in Sohag not only a bright spot in the sky of the university, but its role extends to include all parts of the region, and this can only be achieved by working of through team, each of us denying himself and working for the benefit of our college and public interest. People take turns roles, but our college will remain and will always raise the efforts of its loyal children, including faculty members, teaching assistants, administrators and students. Its role is in providing a distinguished educational service, preparing agriculture cadres with the ability to compete in the internal and external labor market, and preparing applied research that participate in solving the problems of society and the surrounding environment, the southern Upper Egypt Region. With God’s help, we are looking forward to having our college at the forefront of the accredited colleges of agriculture. At the conclusion of my speech, we pledge to God that will do our best for the benefit of our beloved college and country, and God is behind the intent on him.

Dean of the College




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