Faculty of agriculture offers academic educational programs and research degrees. Through its leadership and its important location in Upper Egypt, it tries to spread innovative agricultural knowledge. Also it sets up professional skills and ethical capacity for the students and graduates. It enhances human potentials by utilizing its resources for society services and needs in an era where the progress in science is accelerating.


The faculty is committed to prepare distinguished agricultural cadres which master the technical skills and the knowledgeable scientific basics according to the referential academic national criteria of the agricultural science sector, the needs of the local labor market and conducting the applied scientific researches and also as an experience house for presenting the technical and the scientific consultation which participate in the environment development and serve the Sohagian society.


The faculty aims at preparing distinguished agricultural cadres which cope with the renewable needs of the labor market locally and internationally , conducting the applies scientific researches of the economic return ,society and environment service and performing a leading role in the qualification and the agricultural guidance.

Dean’s Word

Mr. Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Abdel Hafeez Mohamed Omar​

In the Name of Allah the Merciful

Praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, I praise you, Lord, praise the thankful, and we pray and salute the Master of all creation, In the name of God we started and on his guidance we walk, we don’t mean anything but truth, justice, equality and consolidating the foundations and principles of democracy and collective action at this stage in the history of our country.  …….read more


العنوان البريدي. سوهاج- جامعة سوهاج-  

 الموقع تصميم وتطوير فريق البوابة الألكترونية 
م /طه احمد الهلالي

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