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The first training course in the field of beekeeping under the title “Establishment of apiary and bee operations”

Under the patronage of Prof/Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Sohag University, and Prof/ Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Director of the Training and Extension Unit and the Plant Protection Department, represented by Dr/Mohamed Mortada Abdel Samie, beekeeping teacher at the faculty and in charge of training. The first training course in the field of beekeeping was carried out under the title “Establishment of apiary and Bee Operations” during the period from 24-30 August 2021, where 15 trainees were trained from graduates and students at the college.

The most important objectives that the training seeks to achieve are to provide sufficient basic information and techniques used in the honey bee production process, and to transfer experiences and research results, to develop basic skills to raise the level of current production, to correct some misconceptions, to help to solve the problems facing beekeepers, to raise awareness of the importance of beekeeping projects as economic projects that can generate additional income, and to introduce the importance of honey as a healthy food. As well as, introducing the breeders to the role of bees in cross-pollination of plants, which increases their productivity.